Cincinnati’s adopted mascot is a flying pig.  Go visit sometime, and practically everywhere you look will be statues, billboards, posters, eateries, sports jerseys, pillows, books, stuffed animals, porcelain figures, window decals, rugs, sheets, blankets, lamps, etc. depicting flying pigs of all colors, shapes and sizes.  All cheerfully grinning and flying, their lithe little piggy wings sprouted.  

Pork is understandable.  During the early 1800’s Cincinnati was one of the nation’s leading importer/exporter of pork products – and, to this day, celebrates with the nickname Porkopolis.  But why flying?  Well, because the massive Ohio River that snakes up against the city is prone to intense flooding during heavy storms.  How will the pigs escape this Wrath of God?Grow wings, of course.  So, there were pigs, pigs, pigs flying everywhere, all the time.  

Except in my not-quite-kosher house.

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